Tara International delivers packaging solutions that are focused on meeting your criteria in quality and timing at competitive costs.

Tara is staffed with specialists in engineering, manufacturing, quality assurance and an administrative support team that ensures that your specifications and final assembly will meet or exceed all internal standards. Tara can reduce your operational costs required for additional manpower, warehousing and capital investment. When it comes to contract packaging and assembly, Tara International has over twenty years of experience and an excellent reputation. Our competitive pricing, excellent quality control and the ability to meet our customer's deadlines make us a logical choice. 

Our Record Speaks for itself!
Our manufacturing and packaging expertise has served the nation's Fortune 100 Companies as well as test market needs for a variety of foods and related products.




Fruit filled Pastries

Tara's Dedicated Staff and Employees 
Our dedicated and enthusiastic staff would welcome the opportunity to work with you, on a confidential basis, and be a part of the solution to your next success in packaging or other market requirements.