Tara International has the equipment to primary pack, repack or custom pack your toughest projects. A food professional for more than 20 years, Tara is committed to customer satisfaction and service. Whether your project is not logistically feasible or just  physically constrained, Tara can give you the choice to create consistent and convenient solutions.




Variety Packing
Over Wrapping
Shrink Wrapping
Cartoning (Horizontal & Vertical)
Dry Blending
Portion Pack
Club Store / Pallet Display
Seasonal Packing


Equipment :

Vertical Form-Fill Seal
Statistical Scales
Horizontal Wrappers
Horizontal Cartoners
Vertical Cartoners
Ribbon Blenders
Bartelt Packagers
Shrink Wrappers
Bulk Tote Handling


Tara's variety of Equipment makes us Versatile!